• Furniture Design
  • Why Work With a Furniture Designer?

    When it comes to acquiring furniture, you should take your time to find what fits your needs, in terms of preference, room size, and budget. In this era of advanced technology, we may think that the help of professionals is not very important. However, the truth is that a real-life expert will provide you with insights that will really change your experience:

    For this article, the purpose is to present your reasons why working with a furniture designer is worthwhile when decorating your house.

    Saves You Money

    With limited experience in the furniture business, you may not know the best quality furniture at the best price that is ideal for your house. An experienced furniture designer will advise you on the best options that fall within your budget range, thereby helping you avoid making costly mistakes.

    Access To a Professional Eye

    Most probably, you already have in mind, the look you want to achieve for your home. However, you don’t really know how you can effectively execute the plan. That’s where an interior designer becomes helpful.

    An experienced interior designer will help you achieve the desired look of your home and ensure that everything fits perfectly within the space available to work with. In fact, with a trained eye and creative mind-set, a designer can generate mind-blowing ideas that you could have never imagined.

    Sometimes, we forget minor details that are the key to achieving that perfect look. A designer pays attention to the tiniest of details to ensure that everything is done to perfection.

    Access to Extra Resources

    In every industry, there are those resources that are used on a daily basis, but one wouldn’t know about if they aren’t in that position. The furniture industry is no exception as there are things that only designers can have access to. These include special connections that can enhance your experience and make things work faster. What’s more, some designers might have home improvement industry contacts, which can help you accomplish much more than furniture selection.

    Building Lasting Relationships

    Having a dedicated furniture or interior designer is akin to forming a relationship with a new trusted friend. Trust will develop between you and your designer, and you will feel free to consult them anytime there’s need. It is such a great feeling knowing that you are not making critical decisions alone.  In fact, you should consider the furniture industry as a relationship industry, where the designer’s knowledge is yours as well.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to shopping for furniture, it is always advisable to seek the counsel of a trusted individual. This is why you need to create a good rapport with your designer, as well as your furniture dealer.  You want to be comfortable and free to ask any questions geared towards getting furniture pieces that meet your expectations. If you shop for your furniture at Ford$Ching, you will get the best advice and customer service to help you get exactly what you want for your home.

  • Furniture Design
  • 2017 Furniture Trends

    Furniture mirrors interior design styles in the same way as interior décor and architecture does. From padded bed frames to minimalist loungers, it is usually possible to tell what inspired furniture’s design from its features.

    With 2017 fast approaching, you should be thinking about upgrading your house with latest furniture design trends. While most of these trends feature simple designs, they are usually functional enough to meet the needs of small spaces. You should realize that over-sized furniture is no longer fashionable in light of the fact that it normally overwhelms living spaces, which makes them feel small and squeezed.

    Blending old and contemporary furniture designs is an emerging trend for 2017. With this trend, it will be quite easy to furnish your house without period style limitations. Here’s a look at four furniture design trends that you can adopt for your home in 2017.

    Nailhead Details

    While they are best known as an accentuation for upholstered furniture like couches and chairs, nailhead details are also becoming increasingly popular as accents on other types of upholstered furniture such as storage chests. Today, furniture designers are coming up with artistic nailhead designs that are a much-desired change from the old-fashioned straight line design.

    Cerused Wood

    If you are looking for furniture that features a combination of elegant and rustic look, then you can’t go wrong with cerused wood.  This style involves highlighting the grains in the wood, leading to a stylish, rustic look. In fact, pieces of furniture with cerused wood are already gaining popularity, thanks to their authentic look.

    Minimalist Furniture

    Simple, small, yet functional furniture is a budding trend for the minimalist kind of lifestyle. Many individuals are downscaling to smaller homes. As such, they’re going for smaller furniture that can fit in smaller living spaces.

    Minimalist furniture is effective when it comes to saving space. They can even be tailor-made to the size of your living space. Thus, if you’re looking to minimize clutter and open up your living area, consider going for minimalist furniture designs.

    Matte Finish with Warm Metals

    Another trend in 2017 furniture designs is the case of metal furniture and fixtures taking on the matte appearance. Namely, warm metals like copper, brass, gold, colored silver, and bronze, are being used to craft accents around the home.
    Final Thoughts

    In the world of furniture, every era is defined by a unique style. The 60s presented the tie-dye style, whereas the 70s were identified by the paisley design. The 21st century, on the other hand, largely featured the minimalist designs. However, you should expect a comeback of the 60s and 70s furniture designs in 2017.

    This is because 2017 is a largely a year of blending traditional and contemporary in terms of interior design. As such, when upgrading your home furniture for 2017, you shouldn’t be afraid of mixing old with modern designs. It’s advisable to start with designs that conveniently fit your living space. You can even visit ford$ching for more inspiration.

  • Furniture Design
  • Choosing The Right Designer Furniture

    Investing in premium quality designer furniture can be a brilliant way to add a unique sense of style to your house. In fact, if you’re considering sprucing up your interior design, you could save a considerable amount of money, time, and effort by adding designer furniture as opposed to undertaking a full-scale home makeover.

    In order to get the products that will perfectly meet your interior design expectations, you need to work with the right designer furniture dealer.  This article presents you a short guide to help you choose an ideal designer furniture dealer for your home.

    What to Look For in a Designer Furniture Dealer


    It is imperative that your preferred furniture dealer has extensive experience in designer furniture, spanning at least 20 years. With this, you can rest assured that they have the necessary knowledge to find, design, or create designer furniture. In fact, an experienced designer furniture provider will easily understand and identify your specific designer furniture requirements.

    Member of Reputable Network

    Your designer furniture dealer should be able to provide pieces created by internationally recognized names in the world of furniture design and architecture. This way, the furniture dealer can be your main supplier for unique and customized pieces that will add a unique touch of class to your house.

    Present a Vast Variety of Well-known Designer Brands

    A good designer furniture dealer works with only the most reputable names in the industry. This is to ensure only the best quality furniture for your home. Therefore, you should examine the brands your preferred dealer represents and ensure they have some of the most popular brands in the world of furniture design.

    Get The Opinion of Previous Customers

    It is not prudent to believe everything you read in your designer furniture dealer’s website. It is advisable to validate the claims and look for previous customers’ reviews. This will help you in determining if it’s worth to purchase furniture from them. If the reviews are largely negative, then you should find another dealer that is popular for their premium quality products and commendable customer service.

    In addition to the above tips, it is imperative that you give your living space a designer look to blend with the designer furniture. In that light, here are three basic rules to help you achieve that designer look:

    Focus on Quality, not Quantity

    If you are going for furniture that is very unique, it’s advisable to avoid a lot of heavy decoration as it might overload the room, making your living space feel repressive. In fact, fine-looking contemporary furniture needs to be accentuated by light, personal, touches.

    Craft a Unified Look

    When it comes to selecting colors and shapes, you should focus on creating a unified look. You don’t want to end up with a living space that looks like the marketplace. If you choose wooden furniture, for instance, consider going for a somewhat lighter shade and break it up with a deeper color to produce a lively effect. Replicate these colors in your major accessories likes cushions and lamps. In the case of dimensions and shapes, keep off weird combinations, like juxtaposing straight lines and curves.

    Be Practical

    Don’t forget that your living space is not only for living but for passing through as well. As such, you should not let it get too cluttered by having a lot of furniture. In fact, too much decoration will only make your living space look dark and repressive.

    Final Thoughts

    For a modern, classy look, your interior décor and furniture should be in harmony. Therefore, when selecting designer furniture you should think about the look you want to achieve for your living room. The above tips will be very helpful in getting the designer furniture that meets your expectations. You can also take time to visit ford$finch. You can get everything that you want there.